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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My day started off as typically as possible. Got up, got to work, obsessively started checking the Motto stats, when all of a sudden I saw that our hits went from 63 to 1200 in less than an hour.

"How could that be?" I thought to myself.

The answer?

Violent Acres.

She likes us. She likes our Dakota Fanning shirt. She wrote about us RIGHT IN HER BLOG, which Andy and I worship like religious fanatics worship the Bible. So V? If you've stumbled upon this message, we will send you whatever the fuck you want. The thought of your sarcastic little angry body clothed in one of our I Hate Dakota Fanning shirts would give us more pleasure than watching Britney bomb at the VMA awards.


** See Motto vs. Feldman for our first brush with nationwide almost-popularity.


This Week's Amazon Recommendations Especially for Me
Monday, September 3, 2007

  1. Bronzed Confederate Pride Steel Buckle (with knife)
  2. Answer Me Buddah
  3. Pervert (DVD)
  4. Making Shadow Boxes and Shrines at Home
  5. Wham, Bam, Thank-you Spaceman (DVD)





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I hate when people with websites ask complete strangers to "donate money" so they can "keep their site going." That's bull crap. Is it worth $20 to find out if Johnny Donut puked on the bouncer's shoes or to know what song he's listening to today?
Um, no.
But is it worth $20 if you were to get something cool in return? Like, maybe a t-shirt?
Um, maybe...?

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