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april 13th, 2004

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PlanetGrrl - Bridging the Grrl Gap in the UK. PlanetGrrl is divided into six Sites, [ life ] [ babe ] [ dear planetgrrl ] [ grrls in rock ] [ net junkies ] [ big brother ]

 Babe and  Dear PlanetGrrl sites contain adult language. 100% Fifties housewife and bridget jones free. Please leave your tiara at the door.

This main planetgrrl site is no longer updated.

 Crap of the Day
Fashion & Facts, Kitsch & Handbags for the Modern Ms.Thing. By Jules and Sam .... fearlessly confronting your fluffy mules issues.

Style Icons Rizzo, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Annabel Chong,  Angelina Jolie, Cleopatra and Lourdes.

Neck-Beards. What is this ugly piece of jewelry I keep seeing people wearing? It is worn choker-style, a piece of wire or thread, with feathers or little rows of beads hanging down. By Sam
Flamingo Legs
Am I a flamingo or am I a woman? Hmm, let me think about that for a moment... oh I know! I am a woman: an adult whose legs support her body and get her from A to B. By Sam

This issues special features include : Minge- Pants - The current fashion for low-slung pants that show how bikini waxed a gal is makes me laugh sooooooo LOUD .... Minge Pants & Slogan T-Shirts by Jules.

for sale
  For Sale
Grrls Articles, Finances, Employment, Education, Whats On, EcoGrrl, Books, Film, TV. life
on film
  On Film

Addicted to the Net ? net junkies

Grrls in Rock ! grrls in rock


big brother 2003 - - Following the antics and frolics of this years batch of attention whores.

 my vices -A Bitchier look at Big Brother - Following the antics and frolics of the third UK series of Big Brother.
 "It Came from Across the Hall"

() babe

Dying To Be Thin - Eating disorders among women are on the increase.  Over the past twenty years they have become more evident in our society and are changing the way we live. 

Natalie Barrett investigates this ‘lifestyle’ and takes a look the world of dieting.   Dying To Be Thin

We have added some email responses we have had from some Pro-Anna girls. Very Frightening reading, make sure you check them out Wasting Away on The Web.

Keeping Abreast of Cancer - 
Could you and your bloke be at risk? by Sarah Dobbs 

What on earth could Melinda Messenger and Gloria Hunniford possibly have in common? Answer: They both supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). Here’s why you and your man should also get ‘breast aware’. Keeping Abreast of Cancer - Could you and your bloke be at risk?

Wasting Away on the Web - Shocking Internet sites are encouraging Anorexia as a "lifestyle"  By Natalie Barrett PlanetGrrl Babe - Wasting Away on the Web

  Dear Puppetlady...
Where angst-ridden gals can come for honest straightforward grrl advice. dear puppetlady

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