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I am a poet. Fire Lightning The cold fire of the desert wind Sings of your beauty to the dying The tears of New York love Wash away their breath As the laughter of the tired Shakes the earth from the sky From elegant rest the world awakens The dream is ending in sunset The light is fading into smoke As doves flap into the night The storm is blowing away Our sight from our minds

(So this is what it sounds like when doves are shredded in woodchipping machines)
I am the earth... Gaia... The divine feminine emerging from Nothingness and the cry of Khaos... I am Aurora Borealis... the Morning Stra, mystically dwelling in the abyss of transformation... I am a Flower of Ra - alchemical female energy following the path of light with a heart of fire... I am a metamorphosis... the lover - mythical wonder breaking the mundane into its true highest being... an embryonic bearer of cups hatched into the queen of wands... I am Psyche - all wholeness unlocked by a major trans-form-ation of the higher trinity... I am the barbarian princess kneeling a Roman king - nigttime creaturees hauling thru my veins from legendary Transylvanian woods, consumed by their own intensity... Such passion and hunger for the Light... Did you see their glowing eyes burning? Did you see mine? Calling? Yearning?

(Dry heaving?)

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