if wishes were horses, i'd have a ranch. if wishes were carbon monoxide gas, i'd be dead.



1. I have 5 tattoos, one being the name of an ex-boyfriend. Naturally, this is the one that draws the most attention, however illegible the name may be.
2. Least favorite question: "What does that say?" (see #1)
3. I've never been pregnant.
4. I used to have to say "cock-ring" in a professional manner and on a daily basis.
5. I've never seen Top Gun, Titanic, or any Karate Kid movies.
6. I once slept from Boston to Ohio without waking up.
7. I've never had a cavity or gotten a speeding ticket, although some people have claimed that my driving makes them nauseaus.
8. My first live concert was New Kids on the Block.
9. I once bought a van for $100.
10. I touched Sting's naked butt and got paid for it.

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