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To develop my skills in order to work my way into the creative and marketing end of the music and entertainment industry.


I am on top of up-and-coming trends and have a broad knowledge of today's pop-culture and music. I have an excellent sense of what individuals are about, and therefore can quickly pinpoint what one would find attractive or pleasing. I have had extensive training and experience in the theater, technical theater, and dance industry, as well as years of employment in the bar and restaurant scene. My experience has given me the ability to be comfortable with and, more importantly, relate to a diverse majority of people. I am professional, personable, and easy to work with, and am always willing and prepared to try something new or different. I work well in a group and individually, and I am, by nature, a self-motivated and creative person. .


1996-1997 Performing Arts, Emerson College

1994-1995 Certification for Massage Therapy, Stillpoint School of Massage

1992-1993 Liberal Arts, Holyoke Community College


2003-present Massage Therapist, The Huggins Center, Melrose, MA

I have built up a solid regular clientele working as a Certified Massage Therapist at The Huggins Center for Alternative Therapies. I have three permanent shifts and also work on-call throughout the rest of the week. A high level of professionalism is required, as it is a well-established business with a high reputation. My work involves therapeutic Swedish massage sessions, as well as secretarial work - answering phones, scheduling appointments, and financial transactions.

2003-present Massage Therapist, Dr. Dot

I work on an on-call basis for Dr. Dot, Masseuse to the Stars. This position requires a high level of professionalism, as I am representing a celebrity and her self-started business. There is often much travel involved, and a need for strong communication skills. Since signing on with Dot, I've had the pleasure of working with Sting, Iron Maiden, Enrique Iglesias, Mick Double (Eric Clapton's manager,) and William Francis (Sting's manager.)

7/2003-11/2003 Bondage Consultant, Eros Boutique, Boston

Worked on-site in a high-end fetish/bondage boutique in Boston, MA. Duties included online marketing via graphic and web design, as well as some sales and customer service. Confidence and professionalism was manditory for this position, due to the sensitive nature of the industry.

2000-present Independent Media Consultant

I market myself as a freelance graphic designer. Besides creating designs and products, I have also promoted my talents via online advertising, flyers and mass mailing. I am aware that what might please one person may offend another, so I am careful to market myself in a neutral fashion, yet one that stands out as well. I have been hired for various projects ranging from the conservative to the flamboyant. I created portfolios, show-sheets and Comparative Market Analysis templates for a high-end real estate company in Boston, MA, flyers and event tickets for a promotional company based in Long Island, NY, menus and large-scale advertising props for Dick's Last Resort in Boston, MA, and various birthday and wedding invitations.

7/2002-6/2003 Bartender, Max's at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD

Demonstrated strong customer service skills in a high-volume, often high-pressure environment. I was responsible for large amounts of cash, increasing sales for the company, and being entertaining enough to ensure guests would return to the establishment. I was given some management responsibility, which included opening and closing the bar, dealing with unsatisfied guests who wanted to speak to a manager when the MOD was not available, and being familiar with computer procedures to adjust guest checks and inventory if needed. I also, by my own desire, created and produced coupons, menus and promotional flyers to help increase business.

9/2002-6/2003 Choreographer, Jeanette's School of Dance, Glen Burnie, MD

Demonstrated the ability to recognize and work with various levels of experience in order to produce pleasing and appropriate choreography for students of all ages in the styles of jazz and tap. As well as my regular teaching scedule, I was asked to teach Master Classes on occasional weekends for the more advanced students. I played a significant part in the annual performance, including writing a script for a small Broadway-style musical, which also required that I teach extra classes in the style of East Coast Swing, Hip-Hop and "Fosse." I created the program design for the annual performance, as well as a new design for the studio's t-shirts and sweatshirts.

1/2000-11/2002 Server, TGIFriday's, Danvers, MA

I demonstrated strong customer service skills in a high-volume corporate food establishment. I was required to work quicky and efficiently to increase sales for the company. I interacted well with the guests, creating return customers and personal requests for service.

1995-2002 Certified Massage Therapist, Massachusetts

I worked as an independent professional in the Massage Therapy industry, specializing in Swedish Massage. I was responsible for building my own clientele, advertising, bookkeeping and scheduling. I was required to take continuing education classes to maintain my license and to stay on top of new theories and techniques. I made myself stand out by specializing in in-home services, which required extensive organization and travel.

1988-2000 Choreographer, Carol-Ann Boardway's School of Dance, Springfield, MA

I demonstrated the dedication and ability to recognize and work with various levels of experience and age groups to create pleasing and appropriate choreography for 12 consecutive annual performances. Dances choreographed averaged 10 per show, as well as performing in my own routines. I created routines for the Dance Company, for the Competition classes, as well as performances for companies who would hire our students, such as Sesame Street Live and The Lenny Gomulka Christmas Party. Each year, I would design t-shirts, scenery, and program covers related to the theme of the show.


I have had years of experience in the film and theater industry, on stage and in front of the camera, as well as in technical theater. Most recently, I was hired to appear in an independent film shot in Baltimore called "Cow Pie." I did various student films in college, in front of the camera and behind, as well as numerous stage performances. In 1992, I co-created The Merely Players, a community theater group based in Wilbraham, MA. This was where I first gained all of my technical experience, such as sound, lighting, and set construction. The Merely Players saw its way through 12 performances before all of its creators went off to college. During this time, I also taught a theater class at a private elementary school in Springfield, MA. This involved creating and writing a script, building sets, directing, dealing with children who couldn't READ the script, and promoting the performance at the end of the school year.


Alex Halsey available upon request

Paula Kelly available upon request

Robyn Hale available upon request

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