Sunday, January 02, 2005
I am officially almost OUT OF EVERYTHING. The only thing that is still available on this site are the black American Apparel track jackets in sizes Large and Xlarge with the "octo Arms" screen printed on back. Other than that, the holidays wiped out my inventory. I am going to spend this next week locked inside drawing, getting new designs underway. The following week i will spend cleaning screens with my new power washer. My press has decided to "pop" all it's springs in the cold so i am awaiting new ones in the mail. I am unable to print until this is fixed. So i am going to continue to draw and wait. Hope everyone had a good New Years Eve!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
86 the BUTTONS
hey, please don't order any buttons, Button machine is down. sorry about this.
Also- please email me before ordering the powerlines design to see if the size you want is available. Otherwise, If you order and i am out of your size, i will send you a bluish-grey shirt in it 's place. Just trying to get orders to you on time without stalling.

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Monday, December 13, 2004

A Friend in Sandpoint Idaho, Dan Clune has gone missing.PLEASE TAKE THE TIME to go and read info on this site, findDANNY.com The more people who know about Danny, the more of a chance we have of finding him. Thank you.

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Friday, December 10, 2004
Dec. 21st
well, iheartRUMMAGE was a bust. too vany vendors, too little space, so i left and drove back home.. INSTEAD i'm planning on being at ADRIFT here in Anacorts on Dec. 21st in the afternoon until evening. This is a Tuesday. Karl Blau will be there too, singing and plucking. I'm working on getting some other artists together to sell their wares as well, a little local holiday festival. Questions? want to reserve a space to sell your handmade goods? contact me and get on the list. limited space.. Actual times of the sale to be posted soon.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Holiday ordering
If you want an order by Christmas, please place it by Dec. 20th. All orders after this date will not be shipped until Dec. 27th or later.


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Monday, November 29, 2004

..is almost here! that means i'm turning 30! CRAZY!
Come check out Slow Loris Shirts at i heart rummage Sunday,December 5th at the Crocodile in Seattle. It starts at noon and goes to 4pm. This is a great place to get your Xmas goods. If you want a heads up of what you might find there, scope out their links section.

Want to learn to SCREEN PRINT? Live near Seattle? December 10th, the VERA project is hosting Bring it, Screen it! If you're feeling inspired, bring a t-shirt for BRING IT/SCREEN IT, and for $5 (benefiting Vera's screen printing program) make a custom shirt feat. graphics by Slow Loris, 33RPM, Nikki McClure, Patent Pending Industries, and more!
go to the VERA project for more about this..

Lastly, i have screen printed a piece for the 12 DAYS show, in Portland going up this month at MOTEL gallery. It's the 12 days of christmas illustrated by 12 different artists. i chose '4 calling birds' (see image to the right) If you are able, i suggest stopping in opening night, looks like there is a bunch of amazing artists involved!
hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 08, 2004
i've printed up some LARGE AND XLARGE American Apparel BLACK track jackets with the octo arms design. The first three photo's to the left show jesse wearing it. I know in the photo's the jacket looks grey, but please note IT IS BLACK...
The picture of jesse feeding our pig shows the octo arms double printed so it covers the entire back. if you like this better, it is an option as well. The drawing is screen printed in a grey-green color.

I Went and saw TV ON THE RADIO rock the Showbox saturday night, it was a great show, and i got to help them stock up on new slow loris shirts to wear after they played.. check out they're tour schedule at TVonTHEradio.COM, and go see one of they're shows.. if you in NY you'll be in luck and catch them playing with the PIXIES.. that is if they aren't already sold out..

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

---------------------------------------------------- -->
I found some stragler track jackets, that are left in limited sizes. see photo's to the right.. they have just been posted in the shop for sale, as well as two new designs on t shirts. All jackets, as well as T shirts are American Apparel brand.
go get'em!
--------------------------------------- -->

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Thursday, October 28, 2004
ok. the first 9 photo's to the right have been updated. refresh your browser if you are still seeing jesse wearing the powlines tee shirt, that's old..

got it?


pictures 1-4 were taken today at our wonderful, and only store here on Guemes, Andersons General store. They're food is superb..check them out at GUEMESislandSTOREdotCOM

photo 1 is of the red track jacket, with an arcade screen print in Pink.
only available in size medium. american apparel brand

photo 2 is of the asphalt gray color track jacket, with light blue screen print of the octo-arms. only small and large sizes available. american apparell brand.

photo 3 is of the octo design in light blue printed on army green american apparell t's. sizes s,m,l, and XL available.

photo 4 is of the Black cassette's, screen printed on a red track jacket, american apparell brand. only mediom size available.

photo's 5- 9 are updated pictures i took of the print shop... check out the new flat file i just got. i'm in love with it.

now i'll go add the above items to the SHOP.
sorry about the limited sizes available in the track jackets. these are leftovers from old editions that need to be cleared out so i can make room for NEW..

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
hey, remember that i only reprinted this powerlines design cause you kept asking. i'm not planning on printing it again, so grab it now if you want it. i'm down to just a few left in each size.
this drawing was first printed in the late ninties- 98? i think, 99?- and has now been printed to it's maximum of 100.

i'm sorry it's the only thing left for sale around here at the moment. i just printed some new track jackets today, so i'll work on adding them this evening.

keep you eye open for Slow Loris shirts to be featured in an upcoming issue of elleGIRL.

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