Here's something you won't find at Hot Topic...

Each skull is handcrafted with love and arthritic joints by Big Nana Coletti. Nana is 86 years old and resides at the Maple Shade Nursing Facility in Wayland, Massachusetts. After seeing the amazing things she could create with yarn and a hook, we sought out her services. In exchange for weekly excursions to Bingo at the downtown senior center and the occasional white wine spritzer, Nana cranks out these little patches of sunshine during Wing 4's 6pm Stitch and Bitch. She promises us the pattern in the event of her death, which we hope isn't anytime soon, because that would mean more work for us.

All in all, it's a pretty sweet deal.

So here's how it works:

You can write to us at and tell us you want a sweater. Then you send us $40*. Then we send you a sweater. It's that simple. Each sweater is black and each skull is slightly different. Just let us know your size and Big Nana will be good to go.


if you're unemployed or just on the cheap side,

you can order just a custom skull for anywhere from 12 to 25 bucks (depending on the size.) Email us with your specifications and we'll reply with a price quote. We're all pretty flexible over here.

So order your Skull Sweater while Big Nana's still lucid. You don't wanna wait until the pattern is in our own hands... We have enough problems with paper mache.

*(shipping is included)