Is it weirder for you to have sex in your parents' bedroom or for your parents to have sex in your bedroom? What do you think it feels like just before you spontaneously combust?  Is it more like heartburn or a really strong tickle? If you ate your own foot would you lose weight?
If your bologna had a first name, what would it be?  What about your other cold cuts? Do foreigners understand English better if you speak to them using their accent? Would the show have been as popular if it was called Beverly Hills 90210-6227?
Who's more likely to catch a bad guy - the officers from CHiPs, the officers of miami Vice, or the officers of Hill Street Blues? Do you think the first time corn ever popped it scared the hell out of the indians? When clowns have a bad day at work, how do they cheer themselves up?  Or do they just go get drunk?