boyofwonder00: that is terrific
KYJellis: oh beer.
boyofwonder00: oh dave
KYJellis: i really wish youd call in dead tonight and come to anes
boyofwonder00: totally can't
boyofwonder00: need the $$$
KYJellis: how much money would you make tonight?
KYJellis: i'll pay you what youd make
KYJellis: we'll take up a collection
boyofwonder00: no silly
KYJellis: im not silly!
KYJellis: would you make more than a hundred bucks?
boyofwonder00: yes. about $620
KYJellis: oh. well then fuck that dude.
boyofwonder00: (i give hand jobs on the patio)
KYJellis: are you a host or a pimp?
KYJellis: thats what i thought
boyofwonder00: combo
KYJellis: what if i come and help - we'll get you outta there in half the time
KYJellis: anne will help too
boyofwonder00: i would i just have to be in town in the morning, LOTS of errands to run, have to get Jen Gilbert a going away present
boyofwonder00: pay some bills, get a new phone, etc.
KYJellis: meh.
KYJellis: im invited to jens thing tomorrow -
KYJellis: what exactly is happening?
boyofwonder00: we're just going to this bar called crossroads beacon/mass ave
KYJellis: i think i know that joint.