. july 27th 2004 .
 •  it's not 400 degrees out
 •  dave doesn't think i have cancer
 •  hmmm...
 •   i'm a more talented web-designer than I thought i was
 •   i only have to come up with 5 gratitudes a day.

. june 27th 2004 .
 •   Napolean Dynamite.
 •  learning my fIRST SONG on the gee-tar! (granted its "the roof is on fire" by the Bloodhound Gang, but I'M SO IMPRESSED WITH MYSELF!)
 •  89% possibility of massaging Sting, Annie Lennox and Eric Clapton this week.
 •  dunkin donuts Iced Latte (large, 3 equals, no whipped cream if anyone's buyin.)
 •  got the funniest fucking card i've ever seen from jon.

. june 23rd 2004 .
 •  found the Bjork song I was looking for (Bachelorette)
 •  Having dinner at an actual kitchen table eating actual (slightly raw) food
 •  got my digital camera (AND it can make 2 minute movies!)
 •  according to the channeler at work, within 2 years $20,000 will seem like chump change.
 •  actually talked to mike on the phone.

. june 20th 2004 .
 •  Dave cooked dinner.
 •  the great pic of my ass that whitney took
 •  potential new place to live
 •  offspring songs.

. june 19th 2004 .
 •  banana pancakes for breakfast
 •  my voicemail message from Michael Iovanna
 •  the hilarious fact that it took me a half an hour to get home from malden station because of michael iovanna's message (i      missed a turn)
 •  walden pond
 •  "mentally challenged entemophelia"

. june 18th 2004 .
 •  slept all night without any incident (of waking up)
 •  my last client
 •  hanging out at anne's
 •  Waiting for Guffman
 •  followed my "rules" and didn't make an ass out of myself

. june 17th 2004 .
 •  illegal swimming with anne, andy, greebs and liz.
 •  finished "running with scissors"
 •  did my laundry
 •  FOLDED my laundry
 •  won a hundred bucks!

. june 16th 2004 .
 •  how the structure of well-groomed eyebrows look upside-down.
 •  free air conditioning
 •  bad free advertising
 •  page 164 of Running With Scissors: "But there's something in me that just keeps going on. I think it has something to do with tomorrow, that there is always one, and that everything can change when it comes. The one thing I did learn tonight, though, is that Queen Helen's Cholesterol is more than just a hair conditioner."   ~Augusten Burroughs
 •  Dodgeball the Movie - t minus two days and counting

. june 15th 2004 .
 •  it's a GORGEOUS fucking day outside.
 •  driving on 95 with the windows wide open, blaring remixes of old 80's songs and NO TRAFFIC
 •  the photos from Gay Pride Day - the ones taken before i forget what happened
 •  Dodgeball the Movie - t minus three days and counting
 •  being funny even while sober

. june 14th 2004 .
 •  my computer is kicking ass
 •  i'm not hungover. or drunk yet, for that matter
 •  my hair looks decent and i haven't even brushed it
 •  no one is relying on me for anything today
 •  this is a lot harder than i thought...

m e n u
   c r a p
   s m a c k e d
   h i r e m e
   g a l l e r y
   b i t c h m e d i a
   m y w e i r d n e i g h b o r
   t h e s t o r e
   s c o r e b o a r d
   l i n k s
   h o m e

leaving so soon?

   e m a i l