I Am Better Than "Mr. Esposito."
t.h.e.     b.i.t.c.h


Picture #1 is "Mr. Esposito." Let's compare it to Picture #2, which is myself. The obvious differences are that first, my ears are in the correct place, I don't have a 4-taloned claw for a hand, and overall, I am just much better-looking. I give "Mr. Esposito" an F for style, neatness, and overall physical proportion.

Here is a picture of "Mr. Esposito" on a pony. In reference to the previous drawing regarding physical proportion, "Mr. Esposito" has a hugely oversized head. This can only mean that he has a hugely oversized ego. This inflamed ego is also demonstrated by the fact that he is clearly too large for the pony he's riding, which, if done repeatedly, will give the pony an extreme swayback and will probably lead to it having to be shot. I give "Mr. Esposito" a D for his ego problem, and I give the pony an A for its effort, and to offer it some comfort in spite of its bleak future. Plus, ponies are very difficult to draw.

In this picture, "Mr. Esposito" has apparently discovered the "dulicate" Maddox page, and is so torn apart and offended by something that has absolutely nothing to do with him, that he has burst into tears like a sissy baby. I give him a C for being overly sensitive and having a poor attitude.

Here is "Mr. Esposito" sitting at his mammoth, outdated, and also UNPLUGGED computer, writing me an email to inform me that it would be wise to take down my "dulicate" "I Am Better Than Your Kids" web page. Notice the computer is so old and clunky that the table on which it is sitting needs seven legs to hold it. I give him a B for spelling, and an F for being so cheap that he won't upgrade his PC.

Finally, here is a picture of "Mr. Esposito" thinking he is better than everyone else. One cannot proclaim himself "King." He either has to be born into it, or earn it, and if my memory serves me correctly, the guy who called himself the King of the World in the movie "Titanic" died at the end. Due to this tragedy, I cannot bring myself to grade "Mr. Esposito" on his attitude, but one should know better than to stand on the front of a very large ship screaming about how great they are when there is clearly an iceburg up ahead. I question his intelligence. So let's grade him on that. D.

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