I Am Better Than "Mr. Esposito."
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As I'm sure that most people are aware of by now, the "I Am Better Than Your Kids" web page remains to be one of the funniest things ever seen on the internet. About two years ago, I had received it as an email and laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself. And the hundreds of times I have looked at it since then, I still laugh just as hard, and therefore am considering investing in some adult diapers, purely for this purpose (and, for the record, no other purpose whatsoever.)

A few months back, I discovered, to my surprise, that not everone was aware of this page, so in order to make the information available for friends of mine who could not receive picture-based email, or who plainly could not figure out how to USE their email, I admittedly duplicated the contents onto a page on my own website. SOME MIGHT CALL THIS PLAGIARISM, but at the time I did not know where the page originated, or whose amazing mind had created this little piece if piss-inducing heaven. But in NO WAY did I ever take credit for the idea and creativity behind the page. All i could do was give the credit to "Author Unknown," in hopes that one day, a friendly informant might enlighten me with the author's name.

Well, lo and behold, just last night, I was blessed with a vision in the form of an email from a helpful soul, who we shall refer to as "Mr. Esposito," entitled "About your 'I Am Better Than Your Kids' page... The email reads as follows:

Hello, The page you have duplicated at http://www.didujustcallmebitch.com/kids.html is not in fact an author unknown page, it was written by the hugely popular Maddox, and can be found at http://maddox.xmission.com/c.cgi?u=irule. I strongly suggest you take down this dulicate and link to Maddox, at the very least, credit the man.

Best Regards

I have two responses which I feel are very important to express at this time:

1. Mr. Maddox, I truly apologize if any hard feelings were created in lieu of my "dulicating" of your "kids" page. I think it is Pure Genius, and am also very happy to have also been able to witness the rest of the contents of your website. Had I known what I was missing out on by not further examining the what-was-once mystery of You, this public apology would never have been necessary, as I would have credited you immediately. I am not an Identity-Thefter, nor did I ever have any intentions of being one.

2. To "Mr. Esposito: "First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for making me aware of my deviant behavior and for supplying me with this very important information. So as a way to say "Thank You," I've created a page in honor of your big brain and to grant you the credit you so desperately seem to need for being a brown-nosing-whistle-blower. In the future, should this ever happen again, a simple, friendly, "Hey, here's a link to the guy who originally created the "I Am Better Than Your Kids" page would suffice.

But you know? That's why they call me The Bitch.

Best Regards.

I Am Better Than "Mr. Esposito."

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