boyofwonder00: how was dinner?

KYJellis: dinner was good

KYJellis: until i got to the middle of the chicken and saw it was raw

boyofwonder00: yikes. who cooked?

KYJellis: one guess

KYJellis: she likes to shop

boyofwonder00: oy veh

KYJellis: she felt pretty bad

boyofwonder00: you didn't make a scene, did you?

KYJellis: the edges were good tho

KYJellis: who me?

boyofwonder00: yes you

KYJellis: i was nice about it

KYJellis: "um, i'm probably the last one who should complain but -

KYJellis: i thnk the middle of this isnt cooked"

boyofwonder00: "HEY! J Crew! You're chicken is FUCKING RAAAAW!"