Useless Facts that Might be Interesting

GENERAL INTERESTS: caffeine, nicotine, theater, film, writing, dance, and i'll spray-paint anything. I mean that in the "hmm, that chair/toilet seat/dog would look great if it was purple" sense...

MEDIA: I will NOT see anything labeled "Blockbuster of the (enter season here)" but WILL shell out the bucks to see Bruce Campbell play Elvis in "Bubba Ho-Tep," even with the risk that it could be completely terrible... and I can't help but get sucked into the "Freaks of Nature" or "Plastic Surgery Gone Awry" shows on the Discovery Channel. And that Cingular Picture Phone commercial where the guy runs into Bigfoot is pretty fucking classic.

PERSONALITY: According to The Spark, I am a GURU (SEAF)--kind, knowing, giving. Like Buddha of old, I can be a persuasive speaker, and I use my creative talents to further the objectives of my heart instead of your mind. I should be careful that my friends don't take advantage of my relaxed nature, thatís what happened to Jesus. Above all, I like going with the flow.

PERSONALITY: According to Quizilla, I'm a Masochist... yeah, you know me. I'm the one with the broken heart - the chronically broken heart. I'm drawn to situations and people that use and abuse me. You know why? Because I like it. I'll admit it. I probably had a traumatic experience that made me this way, but for some reason it's my inborn nature. Ironically, I'm a deeply sentitive and loving person, despite the people I'm attracted to. I have the mind of an aesthete and see beauty in pain and the most unlikely places...


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