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Iím an editor and copywriter by day and a romance writer by night (and on my lunch breaks). I live on the East Coast of the United States with my husband, son, and 2 overly large cats. In romance writing, Iíve combined my love of history and amazon.com (yes, I think Iím keeping them afloat). I enjoy building up my writing reference library, but now itís time to get some of my own books on the shelves.

You could say Iím obsessed. I started out writing poetry about bugs in second grade, moved on to boyfriends and weathered barns in seventh grade, briefly enjoyed a stint as a local sports reporter, then found myself editing and writing pharmaceutical marketing materials. Along the way, I got two degreesóone in Journalism, one in Anthropology. An obvious and well-planned career. I once ate 5 donuts, a brownie, an eclair, water ice, a popsicle, and a towering ice cream cone in one sitting, during finals week, but fortunately I played lacrosse at the time.

I blame my weird sense of humor on my family genetics and perhaps eating too many Double-Stuff Oreos as a child. My mom is baffled by my writing skillsóshe swears I didnít get them from her. Well, we all have our own gifts. In junior high, I used to clean my Grandmotherís house. I actually told her once that I couldnít clean because it was the Sabbath. Then I reclined on her soft, comfy couch eating Oreos for the rest of the day and dreaming up more stories.

But I digress. My characters are always tapping me on the shoulder, saying, hey, when are you going to tell my story? As I schlep around the house picking up dirty socks, Power Rangers, and tufts of cat hair, Iím thinking about medieval knights with broad shoulders and brooding pasts, scarred Yankee ship captains, and tanned outlaws with midnight in their eyes. Who are the women who will win their hearts, and what are their stories? This site represents years of stolen moments writing and dreaming and telling those stories. I hope you enjoy it.

—Ann Kelly


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