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Contributing to EatyMeaty:

Have you always wanted to be a writer but found yourself limited by guidelines and appropriate content or just can't shake that damn stigma of the time your were caught plagiarizing for the New York Times? Do you just want a chance? Or a second chance? Well look no further, because EatyMeaty.com is your portal into the land of "Look, Ma! I'm published!" If you have an idea for or would like to contribute to EatyMeaty.com please send an email.

What we want:

Funny, Informative internet-attention-span sized articles, rants or raves. Did someone on the T piss you off? Do you have a masterpiece of a break-up letter that you want the world to see? Send them on in! Pretty much anything goes here - the one challenge being that IT HAS TO MAKE US LAUGH. We're definitely not the American Idol of amusing editorials, but we have the Puppet Lady... If we had a Simon Cowell, she would be him.

What we don't want:

Anything racist, ageist, sexist, or anything else thats just plain stupid and ignorant. So I guess we do have some guidelines, but use your judgement, folks. If you're about to send us an article, read it over and ask yourself, "could I get sued for this?" If the answer is yes, send it to www.jerryfalwell.com.

What you'll get:

An exclusive EatyMeaty.com business card and the satisfaction that you can say you are a "published writer." ...and maybe a sticker.

What you won't get:



We always welcome new contributors. Please don't take offense if you're not published right away. We can't post everything all at the same time. But seeing as how EatyMeaty.com is hugely under-represented on the web, the more people you know, the sooner you may see yourself up here (hint hint...). 


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