"Girl Meets Girl" at the BCA

august 8th through the 24th


Hey Ladies!

The current crop of reality shows has Go! asking, "Where have all the lesbians gone?"  A few years ago, you couldn't swing a cat without hitting some sapphic sweetie on television, the pop charts, or the cover of Vanity Fair.  Heck, lesbians were so trendy that even Anne Heche and Sinead O'Connor temporarily switched teams.  But these days it's all "Queer Eye" this and "Boy Meets" that.  Well ladies, you have not been forgotten.  Tonight at the Boston Center for the Arts, it's "Girl Meets Girl," starring Stephanie Ziobro (above, front) and Rhonda Celester.  This play follows the dating habits of six randy girls in San Francisco, specifically Anita, a sassy magazine editor who's turning 35.  And just to up the ante, the comedy contains nudity and sexual situations.  Looks like the dry spell is finally over.  You can see "Girl Meets Girl" tonight at 7; $27.  The show runs through August 24.  539 Tremont St., 617-426-2787.
(from the Boston Globe, Saturday, 8/9/03)